Inspired by the key interior trends for 2016 related to the modern living and urban style, company Mebex developed new furniture models with an innovative design and unique finishes, based on natural and ecological materials.

Handcrafted by combining traditional wood with modern materials and coatings, the new furniture pieces by Mebex have their own unique style and character, and will make an attractive addition to any interior or exterior space.

Based on mineral aggregates and sands, the new coatings and paints are suitable for both interior and exterior application and could be applied on a variety of surfaces, used in the furniture manufacturing such as painted or coated surfaces, MDF, etc.

Their area of application includes also plasterboards, cement boards, tiles, marbles, etc., as well as walls, floors, kitchens, bathrooms, swimming pools, spa areas, provided that they are adequately prepared for the application.
The new coatings are available in a variety of surface effects with natural appearance and high durability. They can be applied on tables, cabinets and sideboards, shelves and bookcases, benches and chairs, kitchen modules, interior and exterior doors and many other furniture models.
Mebex Ltd. provides the possibility to manufacture classic and contemporary furniture with a new modern and natural look, suitable to any interior style. Based on your requirements, we can generate for you concepts for new furniture with natural coatings, and to recommend materials and finishes to renovate an existing furniture range for achieving a really stunning new look.