Oak & Pine distressed /aged wooden furniture tops is a new product line, launched by Mebex Ltd in the middle of 2016. Inspired by the charm and the beauty of the natural wood and its features, we started creating new effects and finishes of the traditional wooden furniture by using a new special technique for distressing and aging of the wood.

By applying a stain and varnish in different sequence of the layers and using some new methods of applying of the coatings, we achieved more than we expected.

Amazing, fascinating, beautiful – for all lovers of the natural wood, these new furniture tops are more than adorable.

Available in four colour options from oak and pine wood.distressed wood finish

  • Brown Oak
  • Grey Oak
  • Pine – light brown
  • Pine – light grey

See our PDF catalogue HERE


distressed wood p.5   distressed wood p.4   Distressed pine wood


distressed wood p.3   distressed wood p.2   Distressed oak wood